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2021 CPAC Team Acceptance

Thank you to everyone who accepted their position!!  We will communicate through emails as soon as we have practices scheduled and have our coaches meeting!!

2021 CPAC

Thank you to all who tried out on Sunday for the 2021 CPAC Season!!  It was awesome to get back in the gym. 

*Tournaments have been updated for all teams and are listed under Tournament dates.  We are hoping to add one more for 16's and 17/18's but there aren't a lot out there right now for those age brackets.  

* The cost for each team is listed under dues, but will also probably change due to tourney availability.  The $100 acceptance fee is due immediately.  Then, you will receive an email for what remaining balance will be.  No need to pay anything after the initial $100 until we know.

* Do not register with USAV this spring- we are not going to any USAV tournaments.

* Some teams will not go to 4 tournaments and the cost will be adjusted.

* Practice dates are up in the air as well and if we don't practice as much- again cost will come down.

Thank you for your patience!!!!  Email us with any questions



Any questions, please email Lindsay Wilber at or


Important Info:

Just a note as we continue to move forward with the CPAC Season:

* We are not registering with USAV this spring (that was always an extra fee that you as an athlete acquired) 

* So, you do not need to register with USAV this year individually

* We will do our own scorebook and officiating training at practice before our first tournament

* This will cut down on cost this season with unknowns still out there

* Please email us with questions


Corn Palace Area Volleyball Club

The Corn Palace Area Volleyball club was formed in 2011.  Our goal is to provide athletes with the best possible training through practice, tournaments, clinics and teambuilding.  

Lindsay Wilber

CPAC Volleyball Director

Phone: 6055535282

Christina Siemsen

Assistant Director

Phone: 605-999-8026

Deb Thill

Personnel Director

Phone: 605-770-3097

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